The Gear Works


To become the premier source of precision gear products and gear repair services for both original manufacturers and end users of power transmission equipment. Our focus will concentrate on low volume production of high quality gearing utilizing the best talent in the industry and state-of the art equipment. Our goal is not to be the biggest, just the best. We shall continually improve our technical services, our quick response, and our relationships with our many valued customers.


We will continue to expand and improve our gear manufacturing capabilities, our gear design competency and our comprehensive gearbox repair and testing services. We see significant opportunity in repair services for the renewable energy industry. We will continue our strategic growth and our capital investments to become predominate in that market. Our business objectives and quality policy will be continually monitored through our ISO-9001 Quality Management System. Customer service will not be compromised. We will review every order to understand the customer’s expectation then strive to exceed them. We will only accept orders that we can complete successfully. Complete honesty, integrity and credibility will be the guiding principal in all of our interactions with our customers, our employees and our vendors. Special emphasis will be placed on educating and training our workforce so they achieve the finest skills in the industry. Each employee will be instilled with responsibility for quality and customer service. The Company shall remain financially conservative and viable. Good relations with the community will be maintained. Energy conservation and environmental stewardship will be a priority.