Gear Grinding Capacity Increased for Large Pinion Shafts

Friday, August 14th, 2009

The Gear Works is pleased to announce that recent modifications to its Gleason – Pfauter P1600G gear grinding machine have greatly expanded pinion shaft grinding capacity. Now, large pinion and spline shafts, up to seventeen feet in overall length, can economically obtain profile tooth grinding to AGMA Q-13+ tolerances.

Large Pinion Shaft

Gear grinding has been expanded out of the box.

Gear grinding has been expanded out of the box.

Pinion shaft grinding capacity:

  • Maximum shaft length: 17 feet
  • Maximum grinding stroke: 39 inches
  • Maximum pinion diameter: 65 inches
  • Maximum helix angle: 45 degrees
  • Maximum pitch: ½ D.P.
  • Maximum work weight: 30,000 pounds

At The Gear Works, continual improvement of our gear services, and customer satisfaction, is goal number one. Next time, give us the shaft!

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