The Gear Works

Full service gearbox repair and test center

Marine Gearbox repairThe Gear Works operates a full service gearbox repair and test center dedicated to the dependable overhaul and enhancement of gear drives. We service most gearboxes regardless of original manufacturer. Our repair center is equipped with five overhead cranes to 20 ton capacity and seven hydraulic presses to 600-ton capacity.

More than 60 years of gearbox repair experience

The Gear Works is renowned for our ability to improve existing gear drives. We have greatly increased the horsepower capacities and service life of many chronically ill gearboxes by analyzing existing components and providing better gears and bearings. We are also skilled at saving existing components and refurbishing parts when possible, resulting in significant savings for our customers.

When necessary, we also assist in redesigning customers’ gear trains using modern engineering tools, current design standards, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

All incoming gearboxes are given a preliminary examination and evaluation to determine the extent of the damage, course of remediation and estimated repair costs.