The Gear Works

GRIZZLY planetary speed reducers and drives

Halverson TestThe Gear Works produces a complete line of GRIZZLY planetary speed reducers recognized for their heavy-duty construction and superior performance under severe operating conditions. GRIZZLY planetary drives are designed and manufactured to current AGMA standards and are known for their flexibility, broad selection of gear ratios as well as input and output configuration options. Typical applications include conveyors, swing drives, shredders, agitators, dredges, augers, excavators, and cutter drives.

Features of the GRIZZLY speed reducer include:

  • Capable of continuous output torque in excess of 6,000,000 pound-inches
  • Available in ratios from 4:1 to 363:1
  • Output shafts designed to withstand high thrust and side loads
  • Case hardened and ground gearing
  • Many input and output configuration options

For more data and information on our full line of GRIZZLY planetary drives, please contact our Sales Department to speak to one of our application engineers.