Gears and Gearboxes for every purpose

The Gear Works is one of the largest and most diverse gear manufacturing companies in North America. We service a wide spectrum of industries, including power generation, mining, timber products, wind, construction, oil and gas, steel, marine, aerospace, and many more. The Gear Works cuts gears to 250 inches in diameter and grinds gears to 102 inches in diameter. Our wide range of machinery includes CNC gear grinders, CNC gear shapers, CNC gear hobbing machines, and Maag gear shapers. We have a large selection of modern CNC equipment including lathes, cylindrical grinders, and multi-axis vertical boring mills.

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At The Gear Works there are a number of different types of gears and industries we serve. To make it easier to understand our broad range of capabilities browse the various types of gears frequently in our shop.