Major Upgrades, Gear Metrology Laboratory

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The Gear Works is proud to announce the installation of its new SIGMA 10 CNC Gear Inspection System. Manufactured by Gleason’s M&M Precision Systems, the Sigma 10 adds state-of-the-art gear measurement and accuracy evaluation to our renowned Gear Metrology Laboratory.

Sigma 10 Gear Inspection System

Sigma 10 Gear Inspection System

The Sigma 10 Gear Inspection System combines 3-D probe technology with high resolution scales, modern computer hardware and proven gear inspection software for both external and internal gear measurements.

Features Include:

1000 mm maximum work piece diameter
2200 kg maximum work piece weight
1300 mm maximum work piece length
Spline evaluation to ANSI B92.1a
Hob inspection
Secondary gear index referencing
Shaper cutter inspection
Straight-sided spline inspection
Gear tooth timing relationship inspection
Gear tooth topography inspection
Unknown gear parameter inspection

Gear accuracy evaluation to:

  • AGMA 2000
  • AGMA 2015
  • DIN 3960/62
  • ISO 1328-2

In addition to the Sigma 10, the large M&M 3595 Gear Analyzer underwent a complete servicing and alignment conditioning. Powerful new computer hardware and gear inspection software was installed to enhance its gear accuracy evaluation capability. Now, large gears up to 95″ diameter and up to 20,000 pounds can be inspected and analyzed using all the latest AGMA, DIN and ISO gear inspection standards. This is one of the largest and most accurate CNC gear inspection instruments in the country.

M&M 3595 Gear Analyzer

M&M 3595 Gear Analyzer

When your gears have to be right, have them made where your requirements can be verified by a trained technical staff using the best equipment available anywhere.

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