Technically Speaking…

At The Gear Works, we’ve been working to AGMA specifications and other industry standards for years and have been ISO 9001 certified since 1994. We specialize in small quantity, high precision gear projects all under the guidance of experienced, licensed gear engineers who design custom gear drives and provide technical support to improve existing gear trains. Complementary with our QA, The Gear Works engineering department has developed comprehensive heat treat and material procurement specifications. In addition to our sophisticated computer design tools is a suite of gear rating software for current industry standards.

Our quality management system incorporates the following capabilities:

Material and heat treat traceability

  • We stock material per strict specifications, our engineering standards, and employ state-of-the-art heat treat verification and documentation.

Gear metrology

  • Our metrology lab has CNC gear accuracy inspection capability up to 95 inches (2.4 meters) in diameter.

Magnetic particle inspection

Roll stand gear tooth contact checking

Electrical runout recording and correcting

Large CNC coordinate measuring machine inspection

Grind temper testing

Permanent quality documentation retention

All dimensions are 100% inspected with calibrated measuring instruments.

Our Quality Policy:

The Gear Works makes a committment to fully understanding its customer’s expectations; and then set goals to meet or exceed the expectations through the correct performance of required tasks.

It is the policy of The Gear Works:

  1. To produce quality products and provide services to attract and retain loyal, satisfied customers
  2. To service our customers profitably at competitive prices
  3. To develop and sustain reliable, high quality sources of supplied goods and services
  4. To promote on-going improvement of all processes that enhance quality and productivity
  5. To instill responsibility for quality and customer service in each employee
240 inches diameter (MAAG 350 & 200 inches Fellows)
102 inches diameter / 59 inches maximum stroke length
98 inches outside diameter (limited by outside diameter of the ring) / 20 inches maximum stroke length / 20 degree maximum helix angle (maximum face length is reduced when grinding helicals)
Often times, replacement gear units are not sitting on the shelf ready to go and new comparable units necessitate a new installation footprint, a time consuming and expensive process. At The Gear Works, we don’t just overhaul gearboxes, we determine whether they can be rebuilt better than new. Our engineering expertise commonly finds ways to improve existing gear trains. If the gearbox has experienced frequent breakdowns, we can help determine why and suggest a remedy. These improvements are often made using many of the existing gearbox components, saving our customers time and money.
The proper heat treatment of gears is vital to fulfilling their design life potential, especially with carburizing.

If the case depth is too excessive, the gear teeth can become brittle, leading to catastrophic failure. If the case depth is too light or the hardness is not high enough, the part does not rate as designed, which can lead to premature failure. The Gear Works understand this and that is why we destructive test a coupon with every heat treat load. We perform a hardness and case depth profiles using our state-of -the-art Struers test equipment. All gears carburized by The Gear Works go through this process, so our customers don’t have to face the painful costs of downtime.

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