The largest CNC gear checking machine ever made in America

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

JUST INSTALLED – Model 3595 Gear Analyzer,
manufactured by M & M Precision Systems Corporation.

The New CNC Gear Checker

Workpiece Capacity:

* 0″-95″ outside diameter
* 20,000 lbs Table Load
* 48″ uninterrupted face width
* 50 DP-.5 DP Pitch range
* 61″ Between centers

Complete inspection of all Gear Elements:

* Runout
* Pitch Variation
* Accumulated Pitch Variation
* Profile/Involute
* Lead
* Slope error
* Tooth thickness
* Evaluation to AGMA, ISO and DIN Standards including tolerance class determination.

The GEAR WORKS is committed to serve your gearing requirements by providing world class quality using state of the art technology.

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