Industrial Custom Gears and Gearbox Repair

The Gear Works is a full service gear manufacturing facility providing precision gear products and power transmission services. Since 1946, we have been engineering and repairing industrial gears for everything from wind turbines, bridges and mining equipment to agitators, cranes and satellite antenna drives. We’re recognized for our ingenuity and our ability to not just fix, but improve complex gear drives, as well as our tradition of uncompromising quality and personalized service.

Project Highlight

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TGW celebrates 5th anniversary as Authorized Service Center for Karl Senner, Inc.

Since 2010, The Gear Works has maintained an exclusive relationship with Karl Senner Inc. of New Orleans, La. to provide inspection and repair services on Reintjes Marine Transmissions on the West Coast, Alaska and British Columbia.   Utilizing the tools, talent and facilities of The Gear Works, the skilled technicians of Karl Senner have been able […]

Big Gears for SpaceX

Recently, The Gear Works completed two sets of large gears for the Space-X factory in California.  The gears will be mounted in large welding positioners for the fabrication of spacecraft and rockets.  One set of gears was 14.8 feet in diameter (890 teeth) and the other 12.3 feet in diameter (740 teeth).  Because of the […]


2005-2015: The Gear Works Gearbox Repair and Test Center

It’s been ten years since the Company moved its assembly operations into the 12,000 square foot Gearbox Repair Center in Seattle.  During that period, The Gear Works has repaired and refurbished over 1000 gearboxes for many demanding applications.  The Repair Center is located adjacent to the Company’s gear manufacturing operations which have proved crucial in […]